The Islands of AVAX

An original handmade NFT collection of 2000 NFT islands with utility in a Play 2 Earn game.

Powered by the Avalanche (AVAX) Blockchain and sold exclusively on NFtrade

  • Avalanche C-Chain
  • 2000 NFTs in collection
  • Released in 5 isLAND SALE events

About the Islands of AVAX

Ready to be collected and traded

The Islands of AVAX is an archipelago of islands rich full of untapped resources and developmental opportunities. Island cities are eager for food and supplies and resource rich islands waiting to be collected and developed. Will you preserve their natural beauty or will you build industries to meet the growing needs of the island cities?


With the success of development programs AVALANCHE RUSH bringing in massive growth to the lands of AVAX, the people of AVAX found themselves with the issue of getting enough resources to fuel and power the rapid development. With the mainland region fully developed and the high cost of ETH gas fees making it hard to import resources, the administration of His Royal Majesty Emin Gün Sirer has decided to turn their focus to developing the island archipelago region of AVAX.

Codenamed Island Rush, the program is aimed at developing the undeveloped and resource rich island archipelago region which is in dire need of development and bridging. Plans for new cities have been drawn up and industrialist/builders from all around the world are invited to partake in the great development project. Many have answered the call of His Royal Majesty Emin Gün Sirer from industrialists looking bid on islands to start new ventures all the way to working families eager to relocate to new cities and work the resource rich islands. Large multinational conglomerates such as the GB Group and Ape Inc. are making plans to become dominant players in the region.

Whether you are building bridges to toll, developing industries on the islands, managing needs at population centers or running for governor, there are many opportunities for anyone to establish themselves at the Islands of AVAX.


Islands of AVAX goes beyond just a NFT with islands. Players receive monthly airdrops of in game token and NFTs to simulate economic activities. A global DAO fund is established with presale proceeds generating a perpetual monthly budget to make this possible. Players may participate in the DAO governance to advise the direction of the project and use of fund.

Unique Islands

Each island is unique and has its own island number, resource type, resource output and location.


Certain islands are more rare due to the resources, size, characteristics which may yield different levels of economic potential in future stages of the game.

Develop and power up

While islands initially are undeveloped, players may opt to erect resource extraction facilities on their island based on the island type. (eg. Forest island = Lumber Mill, Mountain island = Mine)

Project DAO

A portion of the sale proceeds will go towards a perpetual fund. Monthly allowance from the perpetual will be paid out to players in the form of economic activity (Eg. Token Airdrops & other NFT airdrops)

Play2Earn Economic Simulation

Ownership of island NFTs and relevant NFTs allows participation in the economic simulation which grants a monthly airdrop/deposit of in game token and NFts. payouts is based on the IEU produced for the month relative to all IEU produced by all players in the game. The bigger your island industrial empire, the bigger your pay out will be. District Governors receive up to 10% (adjustable) of all deposits within their districts in the form of a district tax.

Simulation payouts are made during the first week of each month using on chain data at the close of the preceeding month. (Future version will allow more flexible payouts)

More on DAO & Economic Simulation



Islands of AVAX will be launching with a number of prize giveaways on social media. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Telegram to not miss out.

NFT Launch

Islands will be pre-minted and released to the public in batches of 100 on NFTrade (isLAND RUSH Events). Prices starting at 1 AVAX each and are claimed on a first come first serve basis. All islands are listed under specific district and regions, 5% of island sales proceeds will go to the District Governors as district tax. A portion of the presale proceeds will be put into an interest yielding platform (eg. AAVE/CRV etc...) to generate monthly allowance to pay out in game rewards (directed by the DAO).

Economic Simulator

Urban land plot NFTs are airdropped to urban island owners (4-8 plots per urban island or 16 per district governor) & buildings options are available to players. Monthly proceeds from the project gaming fund will be distributed to island holders to simulate economic activity. (Token dropped to be determined by players via governor voting system) Island owners start receiving token/NFT airdrops as part of the economic simulation (See gameplay secton on how in game payout is calculated).

Play to Earn game

Advanced mechanics are included piece by piece as the simulation becomes a play to earn game. Features include: Resource commodities trading, food, tariffs, population management, staking, bridges & tolling, manufacturing plants (Turns resources into NFTs), district policies, invasions & wars, district powerups and more to come.

Game Governance & DAO

Island owners can participate in the project DAO voting on project direction and additional game mechanics. Federal governance option opens up allowing more gameplay options including exploration of new islands, declaring indepedence and choosing new trading partners.

Expansion to cross chains

Expansion to other chains to allow chain vs chain gameplay. Each chain/network represents a nation filled with thousands of players on each side. Imagine leading the AVAX island region and fighting off invaders from a war mongering ETH chain nation while building up an alliance with the BSC chain nation to retailate via a trade embargo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Islands of AVAX goes beyond just a NFT with islands. Players receive monthly airdrops of in game token and NFTs to simulate economic activities. A global DAO fund is established with presale proceeds generating a perpetual monthly budget to make this possible. Players may participate in the DAO governance to advise the direction of the project and use of fund.

Note that Islands of AVAX NFT series is first and foremost an artistic NFT collection of islands and not an investment or security of any form. Players who participate in the simulation do so because they love the NFT arts and want to be part of the economic simulation that goes with it. One should not be expecting to make any returns from this game.

There are multiple phases in the economic simulation. The first phase is simply ensuring that islands have workers on them. The next phase consists of island resource management (eg. Food for workers, wood for building more houses etc...). The final stage will have an open market where players can buy and sell resources from one another. There will also be story driven elements and missions for everyone to participate in.

Island Econoimc Units (IEU) are the basic measurement of economic activitiy within the archipelago region. The player's monthly in game token airdrop is based on their IEU relative to all other players in the game.

In the first stage of the simulation where most essentail resources such as food & building materials are supplied by the mainland, players must have 1 island, 1 resident plot and 1 residential building to generate 1 IEU.

As the game progresses, players will need to meet population needs (food & entertainment) before workers are willing to work. Export destinations will stop accepting raw resources and will start demanding finished goods for IEU.

Land plots (Urban land plots) are limited land NFTs airdropped to urban island owners (Settlement, towns or district capitals). Urban plots come in the following types: Residential, Industrial and Government. Urban island owners are free to resell their urban plots on the open market.

Residential plots are required to construct residences for workers to work the resource islands. Industrial plots can be used to build manufacturing plants in the later stages of the simulation which turns resources into building NFTs. Government plots are used to build district powerup buildings which increases overall district traits.

The archipelago region is divided into 20 districts of 100 islands each. Each district has a district capital where the District Governor (DG) resides in. Whoever owns the district capital becomes the DG and is entitled to 5% of island presale revenue within the district and can levy up to 10% of what players make within the district. Only the district governor can erect district powerups (by holding a Government tile and district powerup) which boosts the output of all players within the district.

District governors play a major role in shaping the game lore and the project direction through the Council of Governors. Many in game events may occur due to governor votes from adjusting island availability (Lifting or lowering the 2000 island cap), secession from the Motherland (More output for all players), appointing of a Federal president and more.

For starters, we cannot promise guaranteed payouts as this is foremost an artistic project with an economic simulation as an experiment, not an investment/security.

Unlike other projects, our mission is to gamify the defi space by putting a % of presale funds into trusted defi projects such as AAVE, Curve and set up mining rigs to generate monthly the funds to buy in game tokens to airdrop to players. Players are encouraged to use the in game tokens to grow their industrial empires and experience the game to the fullest.

Note that the DAO fund and monthly simulation payouts will vary depending on market condition and are exposed to different types of risks from security risks on AAVE/Curve, liquidation from volatility, risks of mining rig becoming outdated and many more. The team has decided to diversify across different platforms to minimize risks that could affect monthly Payouts.

To all the GB holders out there, GM and GB to you all!
The Islands region is bordered by different neighbouring regions and the Good Bridging Kingdom is one of them. As there are no centralized global trading currency in the game, exports made to the GB kingdom will be paid in GB tokens which are distributed to qualifying players.

There will be some launch perks for the GB community from GB exclusive giveaways to private auction of a few rare islands and the GB token as an in game reward token.
GB players are welcomed to form a conglomerate of GB industrialists when renting/leasing mechanics open up, start scholarship programs or band up and participate in regional politics (forming the GB party and electing a GB president).

The game started off with a limit of 2000 islands but this cap can be adjusted should the council of governors vote to start an expedition to explore new lands (New islands granted to the most supportive districts.). Alternatively, industrialists can fund a private expedition through minting component expedition NFTs in their manufacturing plants. (New islands granted to the industrialists based on component contribution.)

The team behind the Islands of AVAX are crypto fanatics and gamers at heart. We are huge fans of economic simulations (Eg. Sim City, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, Civilization, Hearts of Iron etc...) and believe that the blockchain is the next playing field for some of our favourite games out there. We want to go beyond making NFTs with zero backstory and create the ultimate story driven economic simulation game ever made. We welcome inputs from players and may even recruit the most active players to be part of our advisory committee.

Every NFT collection has a story, however most project teams abandon the story after minting. Being gamers and Roleplayers at heart, we believe in co-writing the story with the players. The archipelago region is full of wonders and mysteries as well as the surrounding neighbouring regions.

From time to time, players will be asked to vote on major decisions which will unravel the plot further and further. While governors can affect some of the story line, we also have events and stories for players and player groups. There will also be global challenges and storylines where any players can make a contribution and impact. We encourage players to form conglomerates and trading guilds to experience the storyline together.