Dominate the Seas of AVAX

Collect unique naval vessels NFTs, engage in missions, raid neighbors and participate in massive team vs team battles while earning within the Avalanche Network. Do you have what it takes to become the Master of the Seas?

  • Avalanche C-Chain
  • 5000 NFTs in collection
  • Play2Earn use cases

About AVAX Navies

Ready to be collected and traded

AVAX Navies is a combat simluation featuring Naval bases (ERC721 NFTs) and naval ships (ERC20 tokens) within the Islands of AVAX Ecosystem. Players construct shipyards on their islands and amass ships into their mercenary fleet. Participate in monthly missions with Prisoners Dilemma/Byzantine general logics. Join up with other players and start your own mercenary agency. Create your fortune in the FIATland occupied Archipelago region and become the master of the seas.


Build your fleet

Collect Shipyards to get a steady flow of ships to commit on missions.

Join Player Run Teams and MicroDAO factions

Join up with player run factions and micro DAOs working towards control of the region from Sea worthy Vikings to astute GB company executives. Fight alongside AVAX revolutionaries seeking to bring independence to the archipelago or be a hired gun for the FIATland occupation government.

Take on Quests and Missions

Participate in a series of missions with other players from defending shipping lanes against pirates to raiding neighbors to team boss fights and faction vs faction battles with hundreds of players on each side. Win participation rewards and experience the ever changing storyline where your participation may affect the outcome and future direction of the storyline.


Earn in game rewards (NFTs and token payouts) through Missions (PvE, PvP & team boss battles), as a faction leader or through providing resources to the resistance.

Sustainable and Ethical Gaming Pool

Ethical Play2Earn system & Sustainable Gaming Pool- Unlike other Play 2 Earn games which relies on the exploitation of new players joining, AVAX Navies team utilizes Defi and a sustainable perpetuity funding system to ensure rewards to players can continue flowing to perpetuity (theoretically) regardless flow of new players and crypto market conditions.

PvP Warfare

An eternal cycle of war, diplomacy, suspicions and alliances await you. Defend or attack with war fleets, where adaptation is the key to victory.

NFT Traits

Each Naval vessel NFT is unique with different ship classes, build year, manufacturing origin and more.

Ship Classes

From the agile corvettes to silent submarines to the mighty carriers, each ship class can be utilized by integrated projects to create its own game play style.

Build Year and Manufacturing Origin

Each ship has its own manufacturing origin and build year. Partner projects can use them to create unique play styles and missions.

Crew Experience Level

Each ship varies with different experience levels and can be used to create different scenarios and battle scoring systems at different games.


From urban settings to combat settings, each NFT can have a different background which can be used by integration partners for advanced uses.

Integrations Projects

Islands of AVAX Expansion - Master of the Seas

Master of the Seas expansion introduces naval combat mechanics to the archipelago region and offers players a chance to Play2Earn. Command your fleet of warships and participate in Player vs Environment (PvE) missions or join up with a company or faction and be part of a formidable armada. Participate in massive faction vs faction battles where the outcome will direct the game storyline and determine the face of the archipelago region. Do you have what it takes to become the Master of the Seas in the Archipelago region?

How fleet strength is calculated for each wallet (Alpha Combat Simulation):

1 Naval Vessel + 1 Island = 1 Active Naval Unit (ANU)

Each mission will have a ANU threshold. Players sign their wallet to participate in the mission before the deadline. Snapshot is taken at deadline and ANU of each registered player is tallied to determine if requirement is met. Payout is paid out based on each player's % portion of total ANU.

New missions and faction mechanics are organized over the Islands of AVAX Discord channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Missions are team challenges within the Islands of AVAX + AVAX Navies ecosystem where players are invited to work together to meet certain requirements by a certain deadline. Rewards are given out to participants should the players meet the team threshold requirements. Some missions are activity based (eg. Share a joke on discord) while others are wallet based (eg. Collectively own 20 naval vessels + 20 islands)

Each wallet based mission consists of a BATTLE CONTRACT where players wishing to participate must register by signing with their wallet. Only registered players' assets will be counted towards the threshold requirement and only registered player wallets will be awarded prizes. Signing the BATTLE CONTRACT for one mission does not automatically enroll you for the next mission, you must register for each mission to be counted towards each challenge.

Naval Unit calculation occurs at the player level and consists of having a naval vessel and an island for resupply/docking. For alpha simulation, 1 naval vessel + 1 island in your wallet = 1 ANU. The more ANU you bring to a battle, the bigger your reward will be when your team meets the requirement for a mission. In future battle contracts we will be taking into consideration ship type, crew experience and your naval rank to give boosters to your ANU.

Minting starts Nov 30th starting at 0.5 AVAX per vessel and moving up as inventory sells. Players can mint up to 20 vessels per transaction. We also have VIP mint for anyone who graduated from the Naval academy.

Currently they are just there to give some storytelling element to them. In the future, we may have missions where the BATTLE CONTRACT boosts the ANU value of units with select qualifying traits (Eg. Elites count as X% ANU power boost or Vikings Origin ships gain Y% ANU boost in the upcoming missions that involves raiding)

Players can advance in their naval officer ranking through growing their ANU score with top players receiving the rank of Admiral, Vice Admiral and Rear Admiral. Admirals can initiate new missions and are expected to mobilize players to participate in missions. Their reward can range from a guarantee minimum % of the mission's pool to unique NFT loots which they may offer as rewards to outstanding team members.

Naval units are compatible with the companies within the Archipelago region. If a company can achieve 30 ANU (may change), the company can request a company mission (eg. Provide 'protection services' to a Governor's District)

There are 4 ways to get in game reward tokens (AVAX or any specified in game reward tokens). PvP battles, Boss fights, Officer commissions and Shipbuilder contractor.

Note that AVAX NAVIES NFT series is first and foremost an artistic NFT collection and not an investment or security of any form. Players who participate in the simulation do so because they love the NFT arts and want to be part of the combat simulation that goes with it. One should not be expecting to make any returns from this game.